Snow leopards

1) A snow leopards diet consists primarily of wild sheep and goats however they can eat smaller animals such as rodents,hares and game birds

2) Snow leopards generally give birth to 2-3 cubs

3) They are classed as an endangered species

4) They can kill pray up to three times their body weight

5) Their population is said to have dropped by 20% in the last two decades

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1) The average adult horses brain weighs about 22oz

2) The best way to find out a horse’s age is to check it’s teeth

3) On average they drink around 25 gallons of water a day

4) Horses have 16 muscles in each year allowing them to rotate each one 180 degrees

5) Out of all the land mammals horses have the largest eyes

If I got any of these wrong please feel free to tell me!


Hi! Well I’m back from a very very long unnecessary break… but i just received a very big wake up call and so I’d like to start off this year with something good. So I’m going to get right into it!

1)Seahorses are actually fish, however unlike most other fish they don’t have caudal fins(tail fins)

2) Seahorses live in reasonable shallow areas that have plant life, but during Winter they move to deeper water to escape the harsh conditions

3) Unlike other animal species where the female gives birth , male seahorses are actually the ones who reproduce

4) The seahorses latin name is Hippocampus which means sea caterpillar

5) Some seahorses can change colour to blend in with there surroundings

Hope you enjoyed!


Manta Rays

Hey guys i’m back with a new post about Manta Rays.  Sorry about the lack of posts so I’ve decided to do a new one.

1.Manta Rays don’t have any poisonous tail spikes

2.It posses gills in the lower part of the body which draws air from the water

3.It is scattered around the warmer waters of the Indian Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

4.They have the largest brain of all fish

5.They only have teeth in the lower jaw which they use to chew food

Hope you enjoyed this post



1.There are around 372 species of parrot.

2.They all have 4 toe on each foot.

3.Parrot range.

Map: Parrot range

4.The male African gray is the best at mimicking humans in Kingdom Animalia.

5.Size related to a tea cup.

Illustration: Parrot compared with tea cup

Sea otters

1)They can dive 330 feet

2)Californian sea otters can grow up to 4 feet

3)Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man:

Illustration: Sea otter compared with adult man

4)Sea otters are members of the weasel or mustelid family.

5)n fact, at 850,000 to one million hairs per square inch, they have the thickest fur of any mammal.

If you click on this link and then you can actually hear a sea otter.


1)There are 19 species of seal

2)The largest is the elephant seal

3)seals only spend 20% of their time on land

4)Gray seals are the most common

5)The Leopard seal is the most aggressive

Hope you like the facts!


Hello this is going to be my blog about animals.

I am going to blog about Okapis today though I would love to hear your suggestions.

1.Okapis closest relatives are a giraffe.

2.It used to be called the African unicorn.

3.They eat plants and clay!

4.Its tongue is 18 inches long.

5.There top speed is 37 mph.